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// Vocals & Guitar


Linnea Zammiello

// Drums


Tim Smith

// bass




The genesis of the band is to be found in the fact that Nina began studying guitar and singing at the age of 7 with her current bass player Tim. That was, 21 years ago. Since then Nina has studied at Berklee College of Music and has played in numerous bands. Although Tim is primarily an autodidact he did study North Indian vocal music for a number of years in New Delhi and managed a few semesters of music theory at Long Island University. In addition to performing Nina and Tim also teach privately. 

When they are not on the road they are writing and recording in a manner that combines the best of old and new technologies. Nina Et cetera has been performing professionally for the past 10 years in just about every imaginable venue across the Tri-State area; bars, restaurants, libraries, street fairs, assisted livings, bandshells, busking, vineyards, etc. 


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